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  • Employees
  • Retired
  • Employment Expenses
  • Home Office
  • Northern Residents
  • Self-Employed
  • Rental Income
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For our 100% online professional and individualised consulting service, as well as your piece of mind!

Our goal is to maximise your tax returns while building a tax and budget planning strategy that is tailored to your needs.
Impotaxe is more than just a data entry service, as it is led by a tax specialist with a degree in taxation gained following a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.A.A.) with specialisation in accounting.
We discuss all aspects of your personal and family situation, as well as those of your company, with you.
Impôtaxe will rapidly become an invaluable ally who works for you in a cooperative manner to provide you peace of mind when it comes to tax matters and personal finances.

After all, who better to entrust the job to than an expert?



Benefits Returns - 60$

Solidarity Credit (Relevé 31)

Welfare (T5007)

Students with no income (T2202 + Relevé 8)

Government Pensions Only  – 70$

Old Age Security  (T4OAS)

Canada/Quebec Pension Plan  (T4AP)

Full time Students - 70$

(8 months or +) with income of less than 15 000$

Individuals - 105$

(starting at)

Immigrant/Emigrant - 130$

Employment Expenses/

Home Office expenses (detailed method)- 130$

(starting at)

Self-Employed– 210$

(starting at)

Rental Income - 210$

(starting at)

(+105$ for each additional building) 

(+60$ the year of the purchase of the building)

(+additional charge in the year of the sale of a building)

Companies - 800$

(starting at)

Companies - Monthly plans

Bookkeeping - 60$/hr

Private Consultation - 200$/hr 

(starting at)

Budget Management - 300$

(starting at)

Taxpayer Relief Request - 350$

(starting at)

Objection Request - 1500$

(starting at)


* Prices do not include sales taxes (GST/QST/HST)

* 60$/hr will be charged for renovation bills compilation, cost base calculation, etc.

* Additional fees will apply for situations requiring special attention

* Prices are indicative and does not constitute a binding contractual commitment.



Your income tax returns are prepared remotely in 3 simple steps!

  1. From your computer or mobile device, create a profile on our on our Portal

  2. Scan, take pictures and upload your documents

  3. We file your returns to the governments once we get your approval




The process of filing your taxes and/or managing your budget becomes faster and more efficient when you prepare beforehand. Examine the checklists (available on the portal) that pertain to your circumstances to ensure that you submit all required papers and do not overlook anything!

  • Individuals

  • Employment Expenses/Home Office Expenses

  • Moving Expenses

  • Self-Employed

  • Rental Income

  • Budget Management

  • Companies


We're always seeking for people to fill the following positions:

  • Accounting/Tax Interns

  • Accounting and tax technicians

  • Accountants

  • Tax specialists

  • Marketing and communications specialist

Please send your resume to if you are interested in working for us.


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